It took a few weeks to get rid of the allergic factor and the inflammation, but…now…

It’s Monday morning, 6am and it feels as the perfect time to write a testimonial.
I’ll start at the beginning.
Several months ago, my body started to protest.
I had allergic reactions all over my body, giving me a rash that made me feel very uncomfortable.
Besides this rash I started to have severe pain in my joints.
I had inflammation in my joints, on different places depending on the moment.
I could wake up with two painful knees in the middle of the nigt, couldn’t sleep any more and the day after I would have two inflammated wrists or feet or…
I went to the hospital for investigation and was diagnosted with a severe form of allergy and even worse with rheumatism.
Because I couldn’ bear the pain any longer, I agreed on a high dose of cortison, which made my life much better…for a week.
After that week, my symptoms started all over again.
The only way out according to the doctors would be the one of medication for the allergy and for the rheumatism problem.
At that point I met Kathleen through a mutual friend.
Visiting Kathleen’s bodywork practice, she told me about her own experiences with the SFNC.
I wasn’t really into the name of the program, I didn’t want to be sexy, I just wanted to be freed from pain and to be healthy.
But what’s in a name, I went for it, getting healthy was my only goal.
I spoke to my doctors who agreed on this attempt to get healthier wiithout medication, by adjusting my food habits and way of life in general, taking the Usana supplements .
If the program didn’t work, they would start me on the medication anyway.
But that wasn’t necessary.
The program worked and still is working.
Three days after starting, the pain got less.
A week after starting, the pain was gone.
It took a few weeks to get rid of the allergic factor and the inflammation, but after the full  33 days I was feeling totally fine again.
And then people forget where they came from.
So this weekend, to celebrate an happy event, I ate all the things that caused my problems before, thinking I was rewarding myself.
Well, I wasn’t.
My stomach ached, my foot hurt and I didn’ t sleep a wink.
My body teaches me a lesson: “Celebrate life by honoring your body, not by putting junk into it.”
Following the program made me a happier, healthier person.
Not only physically, but also mentally.
It made my life so much better.
So thanks Kathleen, for giving me the biggest present there is, mens sana in corpore sano.
SFNC for president!
Valerie, Keerbergen