My story of becoming healthy again and…Why I encourage you to become SF too!

Three years ago, I did my first SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge. I was very skeptical at first towards the shakes and the bars, because I believe in real and organic food.
However, I had been suffering from arthritis and inflammations in my fingers, wrists and joints. I tried several diets, went to see different therapists, took all kinds of supplements. Nothing worked. I work as a professional bodyworker/therapist, so I need my hands :-) Giving treatments to people became so painful, I was afraid I would have to stop working. So, against my own prejudice, I decided to take the challenge.
I used the Healthpak, Proflavanol, BiOmega, and Procosa and the result?

The inflammations were gone, no more pain!

I feel great, vital and happy. I lost quite some kilo’s too along the way from eating low-glycemically. I love the nutrimeal shakes and bars for healthy snacks – they are apart of my anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Today (3 years later), I still feel amazing – and my hands, wrists, and fingers are healthy again. I do keep up the Sexyfit™ lifestyle because it is easy, healthy, and delicious. I, of course, keep on my supplements because they keep my cells healthy and strong and help me prevent having physical complaints.

I started wish everybody the love for themselves to take care of their minds and bodies in such a way that it will lead them to make healthy, Sexyfit™ choices.

In my profession as a health worker, I started to refer clients to the SFNC because I believed the program would help them in a way I could never do in 1 hour sessions. There simply is too much to tell, too many aspects that require daily coaching. (And frankly it would get crazy expensive too for the client to ‘hire me’ for all those hours offered in the SFNC). As I started to help out Carmen with the online coaching of my clients, Carmen pointed out the huge value of my background to the program (as of the other coaches). So, that is when we decided to work together and since then…I enjoy the pleasure of not only BE sexy fit, but be a Sexyfit coach too ;-)

Life is good!

Kathleen Zwakhoven



Kathleen Zwakhoven, Belgium