Going through the program with my daughter was exceptionally rewarding!

I learned so much about myself from this program.

During the 30 days, not only did I lose 11 pounds, but I gained an immense amount of nutritional knowledge and no longer have the sugar, coffee, and alcohol cravings that I used to.   Before I did the 30-day Challenge, I exercised regularly but didn’t see any “real” results and felt “stuck” where I was in my weight and physical ability.  I feel much stronger, firmer, my belly is much smaller, lighter, and my aches and pains are gone.  I loved the “homework” assignments, videos, and weekly conference calls.  But most of all, I really enjoyed being connected to the SFNC Facebook group with people like me, who had struggles like mine, and who had the same “silly” questions that I did (Carmen assured us they weren’t silly, of course), and learning about what it takes to live the SexyFit™ lifestyle.  It’s not as hard as I thought it would be – and perfect for people that need the extra push and support to make positive changes in their life.  Living SexyFit™ will help me enjoy my “mature” years to the fullest!!

Also, going through the program with my daughter was exceptionally rewarding and special.  As I watched her body change and her confidence grow, I felt more motivated and excited to become healthy too, and celebrate “our success” with non-food rewards!”

Barb Recktenwald, Budget Analyst, Age 54

This program completely changed my life!

I feel vibrant, healthy and whole from the inside out.  I lost 12 pounds over the 30 day Challenge and I continue to lose by maintaining the SexyFit™ Lifestyle.  After doing this challenge I can never go back to the unhealthy choices and lifestyle I was leading.  I have more energy to be the person I want to be and more energy to do what I want to do. 

I did the challenge with my mom which was extremely beneficial. We kept each other motivated and on track when we needed support.  It was amazing to go through this life changing program with her right next to me!  We are two SexyFit™ ladies now!    

Angie Recktenwald, Media Buyer/Planner, Age 28

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